Resources from Harvard

Many departments and offices within the Harvard community have developed their own resources about academic integrity; others draw upon excellent resources that are widely available online. We offer a small selection of web-based resources here, but we would be pleased to expand this page. Feel free to send us other materials that you have found helpful. Examples of helpful websites or publicly available electronic resources may be sent to Lisa Laskin at the Office of Undergraduate Education,

Harvard Library: Research Management and Citation Tools
The Harvard Library system has compiled a set of citation tools, online resources, and style guides to assist in paper writing and assignments.

Using Sources, Five Scenarios and Using Sources, Five Examples
Created for the Harvard Extension School, these online tutorials offer an opportunity to practice using sources correctly in a convenient, quiz-based format.

Harvard College Writing Center: Writing Resources
The Writing Center’s resources include everything from helpful strategies and discipline-specific writing guides to how to contact departmental writing fellows. 

Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships: Your Responsibilities as a Researcher
URAF has a comprehensive page on incorporating the Honor Code into research ethics, training, and coursework.

Department of English: Research, Resources, and Forms
The English Department provides writing, research, and citation resources that are applicable to concentrators, students studying similar fields, and those taking English classes.

Life Sciences: Writing Guides
Writing and research styles vary across departments, and the Life Sciences account for these differences in these thorough writing and citation guides for students.

Office of Career Services: Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters
OCS provides a comprehensive set of resources for creating accurate and honest materials to represent oneself.